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TECH IN France speaks up for the Tallinn Digital Summit

Publié le September 25, 2017

On September29th, 2017 the Estonian Presidency of the Council of the European Union is organizing the Tallinn Digital Summit in cooperation with the President of the European Council and the European Commission, which will bring together the Heads of State and Government of the European Union . The summit will provide a platform to launch high-level discussions on future digital innovation projects to make Europe the global leader in digital technology. Discussions will focus on the key issues of building a digital future for Europe: trust, security, e-government, business, economy and society. To this end, TECH IN France will present its view to the European institutions and its members states on few top priorities: fundings for innovation, cyber security and multinational taxation.

In a nutshell, TECH IN France would like that the European union develops european private equity resources supporting funds that can meet needs of European ITC companies that very often consider United-States fundings due to the lack of European opportunities. Also, TECH IN France strongly recommend the creation of a European market place dedicated to new technologies in order to ease funds ’access to money. On cybersecurity, TECH IN France wants to stress out that privacy is a fundamental right that must respected and promoted within the European Union, as well as judicial cooperation which is crucial for companies to avoid unilateral approaches to access electronic evidences during an investigation.  On taxation of big Internet companies, TECH IN France would advocate a multilateral approach for better fairness & public budget sustainability, but which wouldn’t focus only on digital economy and wouldn’t hamper digital businesses growth in Europe.