Digital Europe

Dedicated to improving the business environment for the European information and communications technology and consumer electronics sector.

DIGITALEUROPE aims to facilitate non-commercial collaboration and coordination between member companies and national trade associations across the European Union, and assist them in sharing best-practices in many business operations and facilitating the agreement of international standards in close collaboration with international standards bodies.

DIGITALEUROPE provides a full range of services to its membership and generally to stakeholders in the digital economy, including:

  • Promoting the development of best practices and benchmarking within the DIGITALEUROPE membership;
  • Providing up-to-date high-value industry data and information to members on all aspects of the Digital Economy in Europe and around the world;
  • Delivering a forum for knowledge exchange and information sharing between members through industry
    programmes and pan European events;
  • Monitoring all relevant initiatives to industry, informing members through regular mailings, emails, newsletters and information transfer, as well as the hosting and organisation of meetings and events.

Membership is open to associations and companies from the ICT sector.